Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Madness-Back At It

It's the Monday after Spring Break. Feels a whole lot like a hangover except I never had the night out. Moving slowly and feeling kinda cheated. 

Actually, Spring Break was a very satisfying kind of week. The B House stayed in St. Louis. My Zs went with me to Webster and actually liked hanging out in class with me an getting t-shirts from the bookstore. On Wednesday we met one of their favorite sitters at the zoo. And ate ice cream. And laughed and giggled and acted silly. Friday afternoon we all went to see The Lorax. Sweet, sweet movie (during which The Hubs fell asleep, and truth be told, I grabbed the quickest of catnaps). I really liked the trees.... but the fish trio that kept popping up everywhere? They were my favorite- fun and a little mischievous.

When the weekend hit, we tackled the yard. My favorite activity? Installing the invisible fence around my flowerbed. The Lolanator shall no longer eat and dig up my rosebushes and the chicken wire is no longer. Alleluia. 

Add in a few dinners on the deck watching the sun set through the Spring blooms, and you can say that is my definition of heaven. It just doesn't get a  whole lot better than this. 

Welcome back from Spring Break. Hope you all are as sated as I am.

Yours, holding on to those moments,


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