Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Tomorrow is the day that Melissa and I officially cut those apron strings to our 11 year old boys! They are leaving on a 5th grade trip to the Smoky Mountains WITHOUT US!!! We’ve known this day is coming for months now, yet now that it’s here, we’re a bit startled by it. I didn’t even pack my boys’ stuff until tonight!

My kids are SO excited, and I’m SO proud of them! They’ve never been away from home without either my husband or I with them, so this is a huge step for all of us. But they’re not scared like I thought they might be.

Me? I’m another story! Actually, I’m just a little anxious that at bedtime, they might get lonely or sad or homesick. Yes, they have each other there, but really I don’t think that will help too much. I mean, they’re boys after all. What are they going to do? Hold each other’s hands and tell each other how much they miss their mommy? Come on! But maybe just seeing their brother in the next bed might be a little comforting.

So Melissa and I will be vigilantly checking the school district’s website for any and all updates, and keeping our cell phones close just in case our children get hurt.

And in my household, my husband and I will be remembering what it’s like to not have children around! Hmmmm, what will we do this weekend?


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