Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Funny- Ain't No Thing...

Yes. I sent my child away to The Smoky Mountains for five days. This is probably one of the harder things I've ever done. I am, after all, a paranoid parent. I still have a hard time letting them go to the bus stop without me, let alone go some place overnight. This has been harder than any exam in school- even grad comps. Harder than giving birth. Harder than the first year of marriage. Harder than having the second baby while your first is still just a toddler, age two! 
Thursday, I was an absolute mess. It started as nervous energy. You know the kind. When I get that nervous energy it translates into emotional cleaning. I clean everything. By that afternoon, I could feel the weepies coming on. It's not that he's never been away from home. He's been spending the night with relatives since he was a baby. (The Hubs has always been adamant about us having weekends away. I'll save the anniversary trip story- the trip taken without my second child when she was ONLY SIX WEEKS OLD AND STILL NURSING!- for another day.) But the thought of him being away for five days without any communication, well, I became a big 'ole pile of WhatcouldIhavebeenthinkingIthinkIneedtovomit mess.
Z1 had even been a little nervous. So sweetly, he asked me if I could please write him a letter for every single day he was away and slip them in his suitcase. He is, afterall, the child who wants to know if he can come home every night when he's in college. He has stated he expects me to move there with him. He honestly believes I will relocate to Columbia, Missouri. Gotta love the kid's faith in me. 
So when the moment came and we went through all the lines, loaded the suitcase, signed him in, I was ready for some tears (from me, for sure) or at least a,"Mom, I don't think I want to do this." We walk up to the bus. I brace myself.

That child hopped onto the bus so fast the teacher had to call him back and tell him to kiss me goodbye!

What am I gonna do with that boy?!?!

Yours, counting down to Monday,


PS- In case you're wondering, he did, very unashamedly, come bounding back to me and kiss and hug me. And for that, I'm grateful.

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