Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Funny- That Will Make Sure of It

I like waffles. So do my children. So when The Hubs gave me a waffle iron one Christmas (unsolicited, mind you.  Not his finest idea.), the family rejoiced. They had a vision of Mommy making waffles every other morning. Of course, that was THEIR vision. I don't mind making breakfast, but it's not IHOP around The B House every morning (unless you count a cranky waitress. THAT I can do.) So when I DO make waffles, there is usually extra batter left.  I will use all of the batter and what is not eaten, I freeze. That way, if they want them, and the waffles are in there, I don't have to go through the hassle of making them if I don't feel like it. Last Friday was one such morning. Z1 wanted a hot breakfast and I was simply not there mentally. I rummaged through the freezer and found pancakes and waffles from a previous breakfast.

SIDE NOTE: "Why Melissa," you ask," Why not buy frozen waffles and keep them in the fridge?"

I'll tell you why. I would eat them every single morning and my jeans would hate me more than they already do. And I wouldn't care much, because I love waffles.

Back to last Friday. I'm pulling out the waffles, of which there were only two. I pop them in the toaster and in toddles Z2, hair askew and sleep still all over her face. Her internal alarm system went into high gear when she smelled the waffles in the toaster and discovered there were only two. Surely, by all means, they should go to her, right? I mean, she IS the most deserving in the house, naturally, being the baby of the family. I had also pulled out pancakes, of which there always seem to be more, but to no avail. She was not having pancakes, she was having waffles. Z1, being the firstborn male was not giving in.  (We've come to the sibling battle stage in The B House. I'm not liking it much.) As is the way of the parent, I explained they would each have one waffle and one pancake. 

Somehow, that did not placate either of them. It was all or nothing. I set their plates down and turned my back to walk to the sink. Not even three steps away, I hear the ever beautiful whine,"Mooooooom! Z2 took my waffle!" After five minutes of logic and debate, the waffle found its way back to Z1's plate. Butter. Syrup. Happiness. 

Until Z1 was ready to take his first bite. "I don't know that you really want that waffle anyway, " Z2 begins. "Oh really," I said. "Why would he NOT want the waffle?" 

Poised to take his first bite of buttery goodness, Z1 says,"Yeah... why not?"

Very matter of factly, she pops her own first bite into her mouth and says,"Because I licked it. The whole thing. While Mom wasn't looking. "

Wordlessly, he pushed his plate toward his sister's triumphant face.

Only eight and she's already ruthless. 

Yours, brewing the coffee extra strong to stay ahead of the game today,


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