Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Madness!

Every once in a while, I get this twinge. It doesn't happen often, because, well, I'm usually too busy to notice the twinge. But some days, it hits me out of the blue. SMACK! And then the twinge because a sigh. And the sigh becomes an,"I wonder if I...." I can usually fight the twinge. You know, that one that says,"Oh... are you sure? I mean REALLY sure that was right? You've got some time that you could change that, you know...."

It usually happens when I see someone with a newborn. Ah... newborn... that time when they are just SO stinking sweet. Everything about them (with the exception of waking up every two hours) is sweet. And even the waking up- you don't mind it so much because you are so in love with the baby. The baby hasn't said NO! or hit you, or thrown a tantrum in public, or had an absolute meltdown standoff of the wills with you yet. They just snuggle, and cuddle and burp their little burps and let you dress them however YOU want to and it's all Pooh and Piglet and heaven.

But you know, sometimes God has to remind you of how good you have it at the present and how far you've come. I mean, my kids can dress and feed themselves, do their own homework, make their own beads and do half the cleaning too! But still, there's that twinge. And then came this weekend. This weekend, within the space of 14 hours, (and only 7 of them did I get to sleep!) I dealt with the big four-

1. Vomit
2. Poo
3. Pee
4. Head Lice

Number 1- came from a certain Z Child eating too much licorice and then me taking the back roads home. I'm simply thankful said Z Child got most of it on the driveway and not in the car. (Only a tad on the door and none in the carpet. Alleluia.)

Number 2- (HA! No pun intended) Lola. In the studio. Such a voraciously smelly amount that you would swear she had not gone for a week! Then I went upstairs and found....

Number 3- Apparently another Z Child was walking in their sleep that night and thought the trash can was the toilet and well, that trash can leaked all over the floor. Poo I can handle because you clean it up and the smell goes away. Pee, on the other hand, has that stupid ghost smell that no matter HOW many times you wipe the entire bathroom down in bleach, it's there. ARGH.

Number 4-Poor Z Child. Discovered while trying to get a hair cut. This happened after #1 and before #2. We came home, cancelled EVERYTHING and started cleaning and fumigating like Merry Maids. (But I don't know that I was so Merry. And I'm not a maid, clearly, but I've been wearing an apron and gloves all weekend!)

So within that space of 14 hours, I have come to the conclusion that TWO is a very, very good number in the B House. And I love the stages both Z Kids are at (except when a certain Z Child is trying to impose tyranny, but that is another post all together). I love the way God can arrange things to remind you of how good you have it. Right now. I'm thankful. And I'm goin' with it!

Yours, happy THAT'S over!


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