Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Funny... In which The Hubs tries to convince me...

For those of you have been reading here for a while, you know that my full time occupation (beyond wife and mother- and let's face it, those are full time too!) is a musician/educator. God, in His infinite humor, paired me (a melancholy creative) with a very logical, left-brained, athletic organized man.

Yes, it's okay to laugh at that. I laugh at it daily.

The Hubs is the IT Manager for a larger sports supply company. That in itself is a hilarious twist of fate as neither of us are campers or hunters. We play golf. Seriously.... could you see me taking aim at a moose? Who would win THAT? My money's on the moose! (Sidenote: The Hubs is getting talked into being a den dad for the Boy Scouts this year. It's about to get interesting at the B House!)

Back to the subject at hand... He's been gearing up for today for weeks now. Today they take inventory. And after inventory, he will spend the weekend supervising the installation of the new software system. He's been trying to talk me into being there and helping out.

ROFLMBO! Seriously. Have you ever seen me work with a computer? That could be an entire sitcom series. It's just not pretty.

After one impassioned plea yesterday, I calmly replied,"My dear, you will be counting over 60,000 bins of product. You won't even let me balance the checkbook because I forget to carry the "one" occasionally and it throws everything off. Might I remind you: I am a musician. We count to 13 because that's all the notes we have. Thirteen is as high as I go."

Poetic justice, I would say, for all the times he's reminded me about how bad I am at the checkbook.

Yours, grateful on an entirely different level to be a musician today,


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