Monday, August 29, 2011

The Madness Which Is Monday

It's Monday (no kidding). So let me just start first with the apologies. Might as well get them out of the way and move on to new things, right?

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN!!!!!!!! She won't let me bring her birthday cake (see her last post) and it took me until 8:30 pm to call her (a disagreement with a family member threw me ALL kinds of off course yesterday) and she has a terrible cold. How awful to be sick on your birthday. This simply means whatever we do to celebrate it needs to be enough fun to make up for it. K- I hope you are feeling better and I love you tremendously!

OH!! SIDENOTE (of which I will blog about in the coming days...) My brother in law is brilliant and Karmel Publishing does not owe any tax penalties!!!!! I think that's good for a group happy dance? What say you?? Every one take five, get up and shake it!

Second, I'm sorry I didn't post a Friday Funny. Or a Saturday Sass. Not even a Sunday Song! Good night, what's wrong with me? It was a busy weekend, to be certain. Friday night and Saturday at the lake. Sunday morning- a long run (I'm in training for a marathon). Then church. Then house chores and finally dinner with my parents. Throw in quality time with The Hubs and kids and call it good.

And now we are back to Monday. I have already taken care of Lola, had quiet time, made breakfast, and the bed, gotten my children and the neighbor children off to school, called my insurance man, stopped at the pet store (training classes and a new collar), got a second breakfast (this training is wreaking havoc on my blood sugar!) stopped at the fruit stand, got a coffee and now I sit blogging to you about absolutely nothing and everything! In a few moments I will be off to meld the minds of future musicians. And clearly, most in this new batch are going to need an extra dose of reality with a splash of motivation in there. Maybe it's time for the "We are now on University Level, people" talk. What do you think? Is Week Two too early for that?

And what of your Monday? Anything like mine? Would love to hear what yours is turning out to be. I hate to be so one sided, you know. Do use the comment and let me know about your OWN Monday Madness. Hearing about others keeps me a.) humble and b.) thankful. So let it rip. I'm listening.

Yours, wishing you a happy and productive week,


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