Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Teenagers falling in love certainly isn’t like it was when I was in high school. Or maybe I just have selective memory and remember it like a Molly Ringwald film. But I sure don’t remember girls backstabbing each other and boys stringing girls along until they find they find one better.

Here’s a sample of a what’s happening in the life of a friend’s son:

  • Boy meets girl.
  • After one or two dates, boy and girl profess love for each other. (Because, really, who needs more time than that?)
  • Girl assumes they are going steady (or whatever they call it nowadays), boy knows nothing of the sort.
  • Boy decides girl is not “exciting” enough and breaks up. (Read into that whatever you want.)
  • Boy quickly meets another girl (we’ll call her girl2).
  • Girl #1 is heartbroken.
  • Boy and girl2 break up after a week for whatever reason.
  • Boy doesn’t like being without a girlfriend so he gets back together with girl.
  • Of course she takes him back.
  • Girl and boy go out one night with a friend of hers.
  • Boy decides he likes girl’s friend. (We’ll call her girl3.)
  • Boy and girl3 go out behind girl’s back.
  • THEN boy breaks up with girl.
  • Boy and girl3 start dating.
  • (This is where is gets a bit shady for me.) Somehow girl3 catches boy and girl kissing and breaks up with boy. Now everyone is mad at everyone and everyone is single.

SO glad my kids aren’t teenagers yet!



  1. Not looking forward to this. Sounds like some teenagers could use a crash course in "communications" and "Assume Nothing 101".

  2. Not to mention "How To Be a Friend" and "It's Not All About Me 101."

  3. Yeah! What you guys said!