Thursday, April 21, 2011


OMGosh, I forgot to blog yesterday! And Melissa didn’t even call me on it! (Bless her sweet little forgetful heart!) But I kind-of get a pass, don’t I, since I blogged a day early last week, getting ready for Sister’s Trip 2011?

First things first: NOTHING happened to middle sister, Margee. We were looking for it, waiting for it, but nothing. Nada. Zip. Damn! Maybe her curse is broken. (I hope not. I mean, this is what great blog posts are made of!)

Our resort was nice, but not one of our favorites. They had this stupid “one towel” rule which really pissed us off! And I couldn’t find any refried beans ANYWHERE. Really? I’m in MEXICO people! But the beach was beautiful and we met some really great folks there and ate WAY too much. All in all, it was a FABULOUSLY WONDERFUL vacation!!!

See for yourselves:

P1010294 P1010280

      (I’m 3 of 3, in case you couldn’t tell!)



Yep, already counting down the days until the next trip!



  1. Margee was totally baiting Fate by holding that monkey. Apparently Fate wasn't fast enough, or she didn't hold the monkey long enough for something to happen.

    And NO you do NOT get a pass. You get to blog twice next week. Hmmmph! ;)

  2. And not so much because you missed your one and only deadline for the week by an entire DAY, but because I'm still mad that you told everyone about Lola. :P

  3. Too much static... I can't hear you!