Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Funny- It's Been a Long Time Coming...

It's been a week at the B House. Last night I topped it off by backing out of the garage while Z1 was holding his door open. Yyyyepp. I'm certain that will be blogged about in the coming weeks. Frankly, I'm still rather incoherent about it. I'm still processing.

Earlier this week, report cards came out. It's not that my Zs are bad students, they are pretty good, actually. School comes very easy for Z2. For Z1, not as much. This time, he was running home to show me his report card. He could not have been prouder. He had all A's and B's. One of those B's brought up from a midquarter grade of a D. He's been working so hard. It's not that he can't. He's just a child of preferred tasks. And if he doesn't prefer it, it can be heck getting him to complete it. He's a bit stubborn that way.

So he and I were going over his report card and suddenly, he throws his arms up in the air and yells,"YYEEEESSSS!!!! YES!YES!YES!" He begins to shake his tail feathers as if he was in a Fredbird audition. "What! What???" I exclaimed.

"I did it! I finally did it! I met my personal school goal!!!!!!"

"What was that, my love?" expecting something grand and magnanimous.

"Do you see these boxes, Mom?"
"Not one single mark in them. Not one 'Needs Improvement'. I DID it! I. FINALLY. FOLLOWED. DIRECTIONS!!!!!!!"

And at that, I had to shake my own tail feathers. Ten years in the making, that one was, and if you think we are through celebrating, you're dead wrong. I'm riding this wave to the shore and back again, Baby! I am going to milk this achievement for all it's worth because now that we know he can, he'll be able to do it all the time!

Should have seen his face when I made THAT statement. :D

Yours, wishing you a wonderful Easter Weekend where EVERYONE behaves and follows directions,


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