Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Teaching Her a Lesson!

Melissa and I are friends, yes. But we are also business partners. And within a business relationship, there are agreements. When these agreements are broken, there must be consequences. Today, Melissa will see one of these consequences of her actions. Or should I say, a NON-action.

Our primary business, of course, is our books. But we also maintain this blog. Melissa’s job is to blog on Mondays and Fridays, and I blog on Wednesdays. But Melissa failed to blog this past Monday. Why, you may ask? After all, she’s on spring break right now from her teaching job. She should have all sorts of free time to blog.

Here’s why: SHE GOT A NEW PUPPY!!!

The consequence of not doing her job: I’m taking what should rightfully be her blog topic!

Just look at this picture:

Is she the MOST ADORABLE little thing you’ve ever seen? Her name is Lola and she is the fluffiest, cutest, snuggliest (yes, it’s a word) puppy EVER!!! I am completely in love with her, and she’s not even mine! (My dog’s nose was attached to me for about an hour after I got home!) I want to be at Melissa’s house ALL THE TIME, but only when nobody else is home so I don’t have to share Lola with anybody. Is that wrong?

Okay, I think I’ve taught Melissa a lesson here. And while she’s thinking of a topic for her Friday blog post, I’ll be playing with Lola in the basement!


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  1. You know the code. You can come over whenever you want. :)