Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Fun!

It's Friday!!!! Everybody get up and shake your money maker 'cause my favorite day of the week it here! And it's not just ANY sort of Friday, mind you. This is the Friday where my two most FAVORITE words of March are uttered. My children will be celebrating it in a few weeks, and they will have a deliriously happy Friday, but this one is MINE. AAALLLLLLLLLL MINE. (Because when they celebrate theirs, I might be a little bit, uhm, edgy? We'll see...)

But today, dear readers, as I type this blog, I can only think of two words that would bring me such happiness.

Wanna know what they are?

Say it with me....


(Woooooooo Mu-FAHsa! Say it again!)

I may not get paid a whole lot as a professor of music, but one of the perks- every eight weeks I get a full week off. LOOOOOOOVVVE!

Oh- you don't get one? I'm really sorry. (Sincerely!) Maybe it should be a new law? Maybe we should storm Congress? I mean.... if they can demand more taxes, do we not have the right to band together and demand Spring Break for ALL?

Hmmmmm.... I may be on to something here.

Yours, considering a trip to the capital- AFTER Spring Break ;) ,


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