Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Fun.... Postponed

Hello Dear Readers,

Today I had planned to tell you all about LOLA. But, hello! My business partner already did that for me. (That's just so wrong, don't you think? Even thought I DID miss my Monday blog, I think that's cruel and unusual punishment! DANG!)

It's still a good story, and I fully intend to tell it. However, watching the news this morning, I feel a little selfish posting something frivilous and funny after watching the massive devestation in Japan. It's just a reminder of how good my life is and how it can all be gone without warning. Can you imagine being suddenly homeless? With NOTHING? Maybe just the clothes on your back and possibly a cell phone if you happened to get it in time. I cannot even begin to wrap my mind around that.

And while I don't know anyone in Japan, have no ties there, I still can't help but think that these are people. With family members. Babies. Grandmas. Brothers. Best of friends. These are times when we will see the worst and the very best of humanity.

If you are even thinking about doing something, consider the following organizations:

Service International: (636) 532-9008 (right here in The Lou!)

These are two trusted and amazing organizations that will definitely bring relief to Japan. Just in case you are considering.

Today will be a day when many of us hug our kids extra tight.

Yours, breathing in deeply,


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