Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Fun- Time To Shake Whatchya Momma Gave Ya!

It's Friiiiiiiidaayyyy!!!!! Don't know about you, but it's been a long week. The week after a writing trip is always bumpy for me- catching up and coming back to reality. Nashville is hard, but when you are pursuing a dream, well, it makes it a lot of fun too. So, coming back to being a teacher, mommy, wife, author, it can be a huge smack of reality. But it's all good. All good.

When I was putting myself through school, I waited tables. Ten long years I was a waitress. Started in high school, and when I went to college, it seemed to be the easiest thing to fit around my school schedule and make somewhat decent money sometimes. If you've ever waited tables, you know that it is hard, hard work. Never afraid of hard work, I also had to make it fun. You know the motto,"If it's not fun, it doesn't get done!" So I had this thing that I did. Every time I got a great tip, I would stand at the end of the alley (the kitchen) and do my happy dance. It caught on. My fellow wait staff started doing the happy dance with me. It became the best tension breaker there was. We even came up with a song to sing with it as we would walk down the line and shake it, shake it, shake it. It's been a long, long week and I just need a little fun this morning. So sing it with me, peeps. . . "I'm doin' that happy dance/Every time I get the chance/ Starts with the right then left foot shake it like this!" And then you shake it, shake it, shake it!

Woo-hoo! That's it! I'm telling you, it cures a world of crankiness! So some time today, when you need it the most, find yourself a corner and bust a move. You'll be glad you did.

Yours, shakin' it to that Friday Groove,


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