Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Madness- When did THIS Happen?

It's Monday. I'll be brief.

1.) He's turning 12 this week.
2.) She's turning 10 in 6 weeks.
3.) I can no longer rest my chin on top of his head without having to stretch my neck.
4.) Karen is moving to Florida. 
5.) Two of my musician friends, whom I love each so dearly, are moving on to different dreams within the next 5 months. 
6.)Yes, I'm a mess.

Lots of change going on all around me. Better get in there and enjoy every single minute while I can- even in the middle of the madness!

Yours, soaking up every minute of it,


PS- Happy President's Day! If you have not seen the HBO mini-series John Adams with Paul Giamatti, you absolutely need to watch the entire thing. It will give you a much needed/deeper appreciation for what our founding fathers went through to set up this great nation. 

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