Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Madness- Super Bowl Wha? Just Stop It!

 Super Bowl ~ I love a good football game as much as anyone, and last night's game was pretty good! I didn't have a true affection for either team, just wanted to see a good game. They nearly lost me in the first half. I thought it was going to be an absolute blowout. Speaking of blowouts, there was the whole mess with blowing the breaker and the lights being out for 34 minutes. (Thanks, Beyonce.) There was plenty of once a year foods at The B House, because, seriously, I could eat those Cuban Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches every day of the week. The only problem? I would be buying new clothing every week because I would be splitting out the seams. But I digress. 

I admit, I went to bed before the game ended last night (some stupid running injury agitating me). This morning I turned on the news during my exercise time and there it was:

Baltimore Ravens Fans looting the local 7-11..... in celebration??? Wha??? 

I somehow missed that stealing/looting/destroying someone's business is a form or celebration. 

Please, someone help me understand in WHICH culture is this acceptable? I know it's not acceptable here. Or in Asian countries. Europe would have a problem with it. And in Arab countries? Yup- they cut your hand off. 

So please, Raven Fans who were acting a fool last night, stop making America look bad go back to that business owner and make it right. 

You say you only took a bag of chips? A couple of beers? Well guess what, so did you and a hundred other people. So when the owner has to make a claim on his/her insurance for all of the stolen good and the damage in his/her store, his insurance rates will go up. And then he will have to raise his/her prices. And then who is paying for it? Everyone. Simply so you could act a fool and steal a little something in the name of Super Bowl Celebration.

And if you don't feel guilty or convicted, may whatever you took and ate rot in your stomach for at least a week.

That is all.

Yours, hoping at least one person is decent enough to go back and make it right,


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