Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Funny- Mama Don't Like Lyin'

So Z1 is experiencing some growing pains. This usually happens about this time every year. But this one is a little more difficult because he is looking me in the eye and telling me lies. So I started busting him. You see, in this age of technology, it's a little bit harder to get away with things. Want to know his test score? What he had for lunch? What he did on the computer after school? All I have to do is look it up. 
After a recent bout of attitude, he found himself grounded from video games and TV. Yes, it can be a pit of a punishment for me as well, but I'm willing to do it to drive my point home. Now, I was attempting the honor system with him until I figured out he had been sneaking games and such when I wasn't around.It perturbed me, as I have always been able to count on him telling me the truth. Poor kid has always been honest to a fault. Since that seems to have shifted,  I decided to get proactive this morning. 
After he went to school, but before I left for word, I made sure to logoff the computer. Then I turned all of the cable channels on the TV to the Religion station where they show mass for 24 hours. I turned my TV in my room to The Weather Channel. 

And then I hid every single remote. 

It's my long day, so I don't get home for a bit. In fact, The Hubs will make it home before I do. And I didn't tell the sitter where they are, either.

Mama. Ain't. Playin'. You wanna watch? Go right ahead. We may not be Catholic, but maybe somethin' will happen while he's watching mass. 

Yours, uppin' the ante,



  1. I.LOVE.IT. Way to go Momma!!

  2. I love your motherhooding tactics...we should compare notes...on the long days, I've been known to take the remotes with me. And the modem. The Xbox controllers. And the velveeta.