Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Sass- So, so white....

Hello Good Readers~

I know. Both Karen and I missed blogging this week. It's not that we had forgotten, it's just been THAT kind of week. I'm in the last week of my semester, helping my sister (in-law) with the death of her father, putting my kitchen back together and Karen has been trying to catch up from vacation and leading extra Weight Watchers Meetings. All things considered, the fact that we've made it through with relatively little bloodshed and no broken bones? I'm ready to call that success! 

So my son has been asking for tap dancing lessons. Just out of the blue, for the last 2 months, he's been telling me he needs tap lessons. He's always been a busy boy. Doesn't like to sit still. Always tapping his fingers or feet. He tells me that he wants to learn so he can keep control of his body. I get it.

But here, at the moment is the visual... a white boy... a very white boy, all 5th grade elbows and knees, skinnier than a beanpole, putting on his dress shoes and trying to dance in the kitchen. It's not quite tap. It's a little more  rap meets Irish jig. I'm trying to be a good, straight faced mom... After all, he is expressing himself. And I encourage that greatly, being a musician. 

I have, however, encouraged him to not do this publicly or for friends until we get him some lessons this summer (or at least really learns the Just Dance game!). 

He's doing the worm now....

Yours, celebrating every moment of life,


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