Wednesday, October 6, 2010


When Melissa and I started writing books, I was told that thesale writing was only 10% of the work.  Selling the book was the other 90%.  I didn’t believe it at the time.  Guess what?  I believe it now!  Maybe not 90/10, but marketing a book is  REALLY. HARD. WORK!  Especially a book like ours, where you basically have to convince somebody that they need it, because they’ve never seen anything like it before.

So here we are, having just come out with our second eBook, The Caregiver Organizer For MY Aging Parent.  Soon, we’ll be announcing the roll-out of our third eBook, The Caregiver Organizer For MY Special Needs Child.  Cool, huh?  Yep!  And all we have to do is figure out how to sell them!

caregiver organizer cover parent Any ideas?  Ha ha, just kidding! (Not really, if you have any ideas, let me know!)  The name of the game is EXPOSURE!!!  So we’ll be on as many blogs and catalog websites as will take us.  If you write one of these blogs or own a website, contact us and we’ll talk.  We can offer a giveaway, a discount, whatever you want. 

If you think our eBooks are a great idea, but don’t have a need for one now, tell your friends and family.  Somebody you know is taking care of an aging parent or other loved one and could use a way to organize his or her information.  And don’t forget about our first eBook, For MY Child.  Have young children at home?  Organize their information for your sitters or nanny.caregiver organizer cover child

Think of our eBooks as eOrganizers.  We provide the template, and you fill in the information about your child, parent, or whomever.  That way, it’s all there, in a clear and concise format, for you, for your caregiver, for anyone who needs that information at a moment’s notice.

Okay, today you heard from Salesperson Karen!  (Can you tell that I’m the sales-y one of our partnership?)

Don’t forget, as part of our roll-out sale for our Parents eBook, use “Parent” at checkout for $3.00 off.

I’m off to sell some more!


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