Monday, October 11, 2010

And Here We Have a Monday....

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to say that? As if we were walking up and down the sale aisle, being guided by a personal shopper... "And here we have a Monday. This particular day of the week is for those who are strong of heart, or have had quite a bit of rest over the weekend. Monday will take everything you have.... because you never know what you are going to get with Monday...Now over here, we have The Three Day Weekend Monday Package. It is quite lovely, will cause you to enjoy your Monday to the fullest extent, but will throw you off for the rest of the week..."

If only it were that easy, right? Oh, that we could pick and choose or weekdays! Would I ever pick a Monday? I don't know... sometimes I'm really ready for them. Other Sunday nights, not so much. :-) I think Karen and I are finding our way back to Mondays. We had a bit of time where we were pretty much just trying to hold it together, but she is raring to go, and let me tell you, when she is on a roll, just step aside. It's the only safe thing to do! We have finally finished The Caregiver Organizer for MY Aging Parent and are pretty close to finishing our Caregiver Organizer for MY Special Needs Child.

Being a parent can be hard work, but for those with children who have special or extra needs, keeping it all together is pretty challenging. That's why it only made sense to develop an organizer focused toward that need. I can barely keep my head on my shoulders, let alone keep my kids organized. We'll let you know as we get closer when our release date is.

And in other news, you may have noticed our blogging has shifted a little. We'll be blogging three days a week now. Look for us on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Mondays, that is, when we decide to select Monday from the sale aisle....

Yours, living my Monday to the fullest,


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