Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Funny... uhm, Def PG... or PG-13

I realize that I haven't been too funny lately. Sorry about that. I have to stick to my mantra: "If it's not fun, it doesn't get done!" Life's been a lot a lot a lot of work lately. I need to slip some more fun in there. Here's a few thing I've been giggling about this week, though:

1.) Okay, let me preface this with I absolutely KNOW it is COMPLETELY wrong to laugh about this.... but you have to admit, in the whole universal scheme of it all, it is pretty ironic.... But a few weeks ago, unfortunately, the owner of the Segway Company died. In a Segway accident. He drove the thing right off the cliff. Into a river. I'm not even kidding! I mean, you cannot make this stuff up. And you know what my thought was?

Hhmph. He's a shoe-in for The Darwin Awards this year!

2.) So it was early morning and the B family was all downstairs. I was in the kitchen with my Z1 (age 9) and Z2 (age 7). I ask them,"Where is your father?" to which they replied:

Z2: He's in the bathroom

and without missing a beat, Z1 adds:

Z1: Yeah, gettin' his load on.

BTW, Mom, what does "load" mean?

3.) And my favorite status update on fb this week, from an extremely talented musical student:

Nudist Cosmic Bowling- Balls everywhere!!! Bwahahahaha!!!

Yours, hoping you're still giggling,


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