Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! A brand new year, with new hopes, dreams and aspirations. Last night, the B House welcomed the New Year with our simple traditions- dinner, movie, games (Guitar Hero kicked my booty! The Hubs, however, rocked it.), watching Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve and a champagne toast to 2013. As I sat contemplating my 2013 resolutions, I  thought through all of the usual: drop 15 pounds, clean out my closets, get organized, sell The Caregiver Organizer, write songs.... the list was endless. And then I realized, I was not making resolutions, but thinking about goals. So I dug deeper. I wanted to do some things that really mattered, something that might truly make a difference. After much thought, here's what I have resolved to do:

1.) In 2013, I resolve to be slow to be angered/offended and quick to forgive. Completely. Complete forgiveness means not holding on to the grudge. To the resentment and bitterness. Forgiving completely means letting go of the hurt, holding on to the lesson and allowing the wound to heal. And from there, moving forward.

2.) In 2013, I resolve to hold to healthy boundaries. I have a tendency to hold on to relationships and places a little longer than I should. Let's face it. Some people are poison. I don't mean it in a judgemental way, simply matter of fact. Maybe a better way of saying it is they are crazy-makers. And no matter how much I do the right things, continue to love them and try to keep everything at peace, it won't work until they make the change. It's okay for me to let go. It doesn't mean that I've failed. It just means they're crazy. ;) And it's okay for me to let them go. 

3.) In 2013, I resolve to be unafraid to fail. Fear of failure has paralyzed me in certain areas for far too long. Time to kick that nagging "what will people think of me if I fail?" fear to the curb.

4.) In 2013, I resolve to not worry about what what other people think, what other people are doing or worry about what other people are going to say. I've got things to get done. And I can't do it and please everyone all at the same time. Never happened. Never will.

I felt so much better about the promise of 2013 after I made this list. Yes, I will still set goals. ( I WILL learn to swim this year!) But I resolve (to reach a firm decision about ) to be a better me in a much, much better way.

I wish you every happiness and every success in 2013.

Happy New Year!


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