Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Funny- Confessions of The Lolanator

Today is Lola's Birthday. Can you believe I'm actually considering making her a "treat cake"? What has HAPPENED to me? I'm falling apart! I've never been much of a pet person. Before Lola, when the kids would ask for a dog, I would flatly reply,"If I need another living, breathing thing to care for, you will get a sibling. And I can tell you right now with great certainty, that will take an act of The Almighty." And now, while I don't fawn over her, I will admit that I love her and I'm happy she is here.  Today, the Lolanator is two (fourteen) years old! In honor of the Lolanator, I'm posting some doggie confessions, most of which she could easily accomplish if we were not so diligent. And some of which she has absolutely done. (Yes, she's lucky to have made it to age 2!) 

Nonetheless, Happy Birthday Lola!

And now, back to business,


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  1. The happy Lab that let the robber in made me crack up - but hope that doesn't apply to Lola! HBD, Lola!
    Paula B.