Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Sound the horns! Start the drums rolling! We are officially announcing the roll-out of our third eBook, The Caregiver Organizer For MY Special Needs Child.caregiver organizer cover special needs child

And with this roll-out comes our HOLIDAY SALE!

25% off EVERYTHING!!!

Use coupon code “Holiday” at checkout to receive your 25% discount on any of our eBooks or hardbound books.

Whew! I gotta tell you, Melissa and I are tired! Not only did we just write 2 new books in the last few months, but we also put our original Child eBook in our new format. So no new books for a while! Now we are going to concentrate on selling, selling, selling. So if you see shameless plugs in our blog posts, well that’s just part of the game!

Anyway, visit our website here and take advantage of our Holiday Sale of 25% off ALL our products by entering “Holiday” at checkout. The sale goes until the end of the year!

Happy Shopping!


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