Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Funny- Warning! Contagion!

A few weeks ago, I was taking Z2 and a neighbor child to school. We passed a bus stop that was clearly for high schoolers. There were four teens waiting for the 7:45.

"Look at that," I remarked. "They're all standing ten feet away from each other because they can't take standing next to each other."

"Why are they like that?" asked the neighbor child.

Before I could engage my brain-to-mouth filter, my post high school reunion self said, "Oh.... it's puberty. Messes up your brain and thinking and you think you can't be seen with this person or that person and if everyone would just get over themselves and learn to accept people with their differences, they just might find out they could get along and actually like each other and can be pretty good friends."

His eyes got wide and he looked at me with great concern and said,"Is puberty contagious?"

If he only knew. But then again... he's about to find out! 

Yours, thankful to be over the contagion called puberty,


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