Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Funny- You're SCARING Me!!!

And the conversation continues. You know... that whole puberty thing. The words "sex" and "kissing" and "hairy armpits" have been uttered in this house this summer more times that I want to admit. What's so funny though, is the Zs still think sex is simply naked kissing. I inwardly giggle every time the subject comes up.

We did, however, have a moment of passage. Z1 now knows the truth about Santa. Okay- just TYPING that sentence made me want to cry. He's starting to show some signs of maturing- occasionally. :) And other days, it's like a big step backwards. And he, being a boy, is still fascinated with all things bodily function.

The child has not one shred of modesty. It's still a battle some days to get him to wrap himself in a towel before he walks down the hall naked after his shower. (I guess I should be thankful that he showers regularly, though, right?) 

Yet Z1 totally gets torturing Z2 about the upcoming changes. Again, in the car, he says,"Just think, Z2.... you're gonna get hair in places you never knew you had it....and STINKY PITS!" He laughs. "And then, you're gonna start liking boys!!!"

"MOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! Make him stop!!!"Z2 yells from the backseat. "He's SCARING me!!!"

Oh to be 9 again.

Yours, wishing you a wonderful, summer Friday,


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