Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I don’t know why, but this one just made me laugh! It was written by Stuart Bernstein in the New York Times.

I found myself walking behind an attractive and fit young man wearing only a white undershirt, athletic shorts,athletic man back sneakers, and earbuds. Just ahead of him, a slow-moving elderly man came towards us with the aid of a walker. When he saw the front of the fit guy I had seen only from the back, he stopped in his tracks, pointed frantically at him, and yelled, “1959! 1959!”

The younger man removed an earbud, slowed ever so slightly as he got closer, and leaned over, as if to give a listen to the old man, whose smile suddenly grew wider as he loudly explained, “I looked just like that in 1959!”

Here’s hoping I still remember what I look like 50 years from now!


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