Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Funny- O Christmas Tree, Poor Christmas Tree!

Christmas Tip #438

I thought this might be a helpful tip for our dear readers. Let's just say I know this is true from personal experience.

If you have wood floors, and an ornament falls from the tree, it will break. When it shatters everywhere, naturally you will want to clean it up. You may use a broom, but more than likely a vacuum.

When you get the vacuum, you will need to use the attachment in order to get all the shards up. When you use that attachment, be very, very careful that you don't accidentally suck up the tree skirt that is wrapped and buttoned around the bottom of that tree as if it grew there. 

Because artificial Christmas trees have a tendency to slide on wood floors. And they slide fast. Just sayin'.

Yours, taking a break from cleaning up under the Christmas tree,


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