Thursday, March 26, 2009

Social Media for Dummies

By now, everybody has heard the term "social media," right? And do we all know what it means? NO!!! Sure, you've been on Facebook or My Space, or your kids have, but for all of us Mom Entrepreneurs out there, we're supposed to use social media to help us sell our products. HUH?

So, being the sales side of my partnership with Melissa, I decided to start looking into this phenomenon. My first step was to sign up for LinkedIn. Hey, I'm already ahead because somebody had sent me an invitation to sign up months ago, so I did. And that's all I did, but at least I got started! what? LinkedIn told me to download my Outlook contacts so I can see who I want to invite to be in my "network." Hmmm, are they going to spam my friends? I decided to risk it, and actually found out that several people I know are already on LinkedIn. They have way more people in their networks, so I sent invitations to everyone who was already playing in this game. I figured if I have more folks in my network, I'll look popular and everyone will want to join. Right???? Okay, maybe not, but what I did figure out was that I needed to join "groups" to start getting my name out there, and to learn a thing or two about...well, about whatever these groups are about.

So I joined a bunch of groups that my friends and/or colleagues are in. WOW, I've gotten more emails in the past 24 hours than I think I got all month! Perhaps I joined too many groups! But at least I've gotten started, which is the important thing. I guess I just need to fine-tune everything. Oh, and by the way, you can see my profile at

My next project: Twitter! Wish me luck!

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