Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I don’t know, maybe I have adult ADD. Maybe it’s not justadult add random forgetfulness and disorganization and old age. Maybe, just maybe, I can blame it on something else!

Here’s a sampling of what’s going on in my brain right now:

  1. Okay, it’s 75 degrees outside, but for sure, if I bring out some clothes to wear, it will immediately turn cold again, so what’s the point. By the way, what to wear today when the boys are swimming in the indoor pool at the YMCA earning a cub scout badge, cuz it’s going to be really hot in there?
  2. Somehow I need to get DH to sew my curtains before my jewelry party that I’m hosting next week.  Hmmm, how to do that?
  3. And how to get everyone to really clean the house while I’m out of town this weekend so it looks good for the party?
  4. In fact, how to keep them from totally destroying the house?
  5. I think our calendar for cub scouts ends at the end of this year.  We still have January through May to plan for. Ugh!
  6. How am I going to arrange the furniture for the jewelry party? And exactly what am I serving?
  7. When am I packing for my trip to Dallas? Don’t forget to check in tomorrow morning so I’m in Group A.
  8. Gotta start planning for Thanksgiving.  When is it again?
  9. Don’t forget charity pickup before you leave for Dallas in the morning.
  10. Maybe DH can get my laptop fixed while I’m in Dallas. Bwahahahahaha!!!!!!
  11. I’m really behind on my Dr. Phil's and Oprah’s.  When, oh when, will I EVER catch up????

It just gets even more boring and crazy from there.  Does everyone have this problem?  (Please say yes!)  Besides organizing my desk, I need to organize my BRAIN!

Hmmm, maybe that’s an idea for our next book…


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